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Sign Of Lekwungen – Beacon Hill | míqәn

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The hill here is called MEE-qan which means “warmed by the sun”. This seaward slope was a popular place for rest and play – a game similar to field hockey, called Coqwialls, was played here. At the bottom of the hill was a small, palisaded village that was occupied intermittently from 1,000 until approximately 300 years ago. The settlement was here for defence during times of war, and it was also important for reef net fishing. The starchy bulbs of the wildflower, Camas, were an important food source gathered in this area. The hill here is also known as Beacon Hill. Source:


Marker Location
Beacon Hill loop Victoria
Walk 20 Walk
Distance From Downtown

Sign Of Lekwungen – Beacon Hill | míqәn

Flagpole, Beacon Hill Loop, Victoria, BC, Canada

View Sign Of Lekwungen – Beacon Hill | míqәn