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Point Ellice House

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Point Ellice House stands as a symbol of heritage preservation and cross-cultural understanding. Constructed between 1861 and 1862, it houses one of Canada’s most extensive Victorian-era collections. Featuring heritage architecture, expansive gardens, nature trails, and a picturesque waterfront setting, it is a distinctive destination on Vancouver Island. Today it serves as a unique monument to both a bygone era and the ongoing journey towards greater understanding and healing with First Nations and Métis communities. The commitment to acknowledging the complex historical impacts associated with its former resident marks Point Ellice House as a critical space for fostering dialogue and reconciliation connect.


Marker Location
2616 Pleasant St, Victoria, BC V8T 4V3 Vic West
Car 7 min Drive
Distance From Downtown

Point Ellice House

2616 Pleasant St, Victoria, BC V8T 4V3, Canada

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